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Intelligent Door Management
Remote Access control functionality, enabling single or multiple doors to be controlled from a remote or central location helping to reduce costs, increase security and cut man hours.

Installed at over 30 London Overground stations
Sun awnings


Intelligent Door Management System

Remote access control functionality , enabling single or multiple doors to be controlled from a remote or central location, reducing costs and man hours whilst increasing security.

State of the Art Technology

Manual management of doors, their maintenance and associated security staff can form a significant part of a buildings overheads. UK Security Shutters Limited have developed Command-X an intelligent door management system that provides efficient door monitoring and real-time remote handling of all types of doors as well as fault management.

Command-X provides users with a host of building management attributes and can also be configured for remote locking and unlocking to happen automatically at pre-set times of the day.

State of the art IP based wireless technology is concealed within the door equipment. This allows doors wherever they are to provide usage and performance information 24/7 around the clock 365 days of the year.


Should a problem arise with the door, it will allow the UK Security Shutters service team to re-set the door remotely or instruct a service engineer to attend if required.

Command-X allows the user to access all information through the internet, where the performance of the door can determine foot fall trends passing through the entrance.

Looking at programmes to reduce maintenance costs whilst improving security, building management can review the way they manage entrances. Highlighting rising costs of manually unlocking doors, plus emergency and regular maintenance visits.

Providing real time control and administration of access rights. With a simple user friendly interface that is also accessible from any device with a web browser, it offers flexibility, adaptability and hassle free access
for every need.
Command– X

The Command-X system was recently installed at over 30 London
Overground stations in a major project for ARRIVA Rail (London) Ltd.
These shutters, which secure the stations overnight, are controlled
at a central command centre in London and can be operated
remotely at any time

Secure electronic access control

Security is a critical element in the design and construction of modern buildings, and electronic access control is an increasingly popular specification for architects, designers and specifiers, with monitored control, biometrics, eye iris readers, this system offers advanced security and flexibility compared to mechanical systems.

Combining proven, quality hardware with market leading easy to use Command-X software, the UK Security Shutters remote access control system will help protect assets and property with the highest standards of security.
Command X

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