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Intelligent Door Management
Remote Access control functionality, enabling single or multiple doors to be controlled from a remote or central location helping to reduce costs, increase security and cut man hours.

Installed at over 30 London Overground stations
Automatic Gates and Barriers

Automatic Gates

Domestic gates


Our automatic gates use a 230v Sliding gate motor for busy domestic gates of up to 700kg. This ‘Bullet Proof’ little sliding gate motor provides an adaptable solution for a wide range of sliding gates. A robust and simple design offering a lot of torque and great reliability. Easy to fit: The onboard control panel is very simple to wire and set up. A set of LEDs guides the installer, showing motor functions as it operates. Suitable for: Metal and Timber gates of up to 700 kg. For busy domestic and light multi user use.
Industrial gates


A continuous duty industrial sliding gate motor for gates of up to 4000kg. This unit drives through a hydro-dynamic clutch, a fluid system which is extremely mechanically sympathetic and allows large loads to be moved, stopped and reversed with the minimum of stress to the drive unit.

Designed for use on large and busy industrial sliding gates, our Industrial gate is the most powerful sliding gate motor available.

Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers

For commercial and industrial premises we provide a range of traffic control bollards and rising arm barriers to suit a variety of applications. These are fast acting systems, moving from open to closed positions in 3 to 8 seconds, and suitable for busy entrances where an automated gate would be too slow.

Barriers and Bollards are used both stand alone, and in conjunction with security gates which are closed out of normal business hours to provide intruder security.

A wide range of access control equipment; Radio controls, Card readers, Loop detectors etc, can be interfaced with these units to suit the requirements of individual entrances.
Trackless Barrier System

Trackless Barrier System

The Xpanda barrier system is ideal for access control and security in shopping centres, factory units, car parks, loading bays, warehouses, sports facilities or simply partitioning. This innovative arrangement is completely trackless, operating on a series of steel reinforced trolleys that allow complete mobility.

Spanning any width and up to a maximum height of 2.5 metres, it can be used for barrier access for shopping centres, factory units, car parks, loading bays, function centres, warehouses, sport facilities, crowd control or simply for partitioning.

Sun Awnings and Carports

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